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Most life insurers only want low risk, healthy candidates for life insurance. Not us. More...



What to do if you've been declined by a carrier or have a serious medical condition. More...

Helping people that have been turned down for life insurance

If you've been declined by a carrier:

  • Asked to see an application with the new prospective company. If it is lengthy, than it is most likely not easy issue life insurance
  • Don't waste time with another low risk company
  • Let the agent know ahead of time what your condition is
  • Some people get turned down in error. Challenge errors, and ask for reconsideration.
  • Consider not completing applications that asked if you have been turned down
  • Make sure that the application tells you if you qualify before applying
  • If the application is over 1 page, it probably won't be cover you

If you have a serious medical condition:

  • Try to get coverage as soon as possible so you can outlast any waiting periods
  • Make sure you are not applying with a carrier that is adverse to your condition. Some companies refuse certain illnesses while others will cover you
  • Find out if you need a guaranteed issue policy or just one that doesn't require a physical
  • Don't automatically apply for guaranteed issue life insurance, you might pay a lot less by answering medical questions, as long as they don't pertain to your condition
  • Consider policies that don't build cash value, since they fund the cash portion with higher premiums
  • Don't be fooled by "Money-Back Guarantees" All life insurance policies have 30 day free look provisions, IT'S THE LAW
  • It's very important that you get complete details on benefits, limitations and exclusions and waiting periods before buying
  • Read your policy after buying, especially the fine print
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