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Most life insurers only want low risk, healthy candidates for life insurance. Not us. More...



What to do if you've been declined by a carrier or have a serious medical condition. More...

Burial Insurance - Time to make a claim?

  • Easy issue policies will pay out on the affidavit of a funeral director.
  • They usually do not need a death certificate, since it can take weeks to get.
  • You should get your money within 24-72 hours.
  • Since many people get easy issue life insurance for their burial, taking 30 days or more to is not practical for you or the company.
What to do if the insurance company doesn't send you the money:

  • First get ahold of the agent or claims department, and make sure they have your completed claim form.
  • Request a copy of the policy.
  • Send all correspondence certified, or overnight.
  • Next contact your state department of insurance.
  • If they still cannot resolve your issue, you may need to hire an attorney for a bad faith insurance case.
Burial Planning
Tips when planning a funeral
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Contact your State's Department of Insurance to complain about a burial insurance policy. More...

Find companies that still offer graded life or easy issue burial insurance. More...

View our medical conditions limiting you to a low face value burial insurance policy. qualifications. More...

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