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Most life insurers only want low risk, healthy candidates for life insurance. Not us. More...



What to do if you've been declined by a carrier or have a serious medical condition. More...

Helping people that have been turned down for life insurance

Is Easy Issue Life Insurance For You?

  • It's the most expensive
  • There are always waiting periods of between 1-5 years before you get your full benefit
  • If you die before your waiting period is up, your survivors will get the premiums you paid, interest, and possibly a portion of the full death benefit
  • Answering some medical questions with a different policy could reduce your premium and/or waiting period
  • Make sure that the application tells you if you qualify before applying
  • If the application is over 1 page, it probably won't be cover you

Guaranteed issue policies are for people who have

  • Cancer
  • Heart conditions
  • Reside in a nursing home
  • Have HIV or AIDs
  • Are terminally ill

Easy issue policies are not for people who have

  • Been disease free for 5-10 years
  • Have a minor illness
  • Are under age 40
  • To have their death benefit right away
  • Are healthy
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Contact your State's Department of Insurance to complain about a burial insurance policy. More...

Find companies that still offer graded life or easy issue burial insurance. More...

View our medical conditions limiting you to a low face value burial insurance policy. qualifications. More...

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